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Natural Language Interface to SIOC Data

Use http://www.monrai.com/products/cypher/cypher_manual.html to build a natural language query interface to SIOC data.

A simpler query interface could probably be built with just regexps and pre-defined queries.

Recorded by: CaptSolo - 03-May-2008

Offline Blog Editor using SIOC

Use SKOS to download category list/hierarchy from the blog engine

Can use SIOC to download existing posts

HTTP POST a blog post in SIOC in order to publish it on the blog

What is needed:

  • SIOC import functionality (such as SIOC_Import_Plugin) with support of HTTP POST and some authentication
  • SKOS export
  • add properties for indicating status of the post (private, draft, protected, ...) in SIOC
  • ...

Reference material:

* http://www.blogger.com/developers/api/1_docs/xmlrpc_newPost.html

Recorded by: CaptSolo - 03-May-2008

Blog Archives as a Book

A tool to collect [all] blog posts and create a PDF book out of it. There can be other variations too.


* interesting ways to view a blog archive = http://www.sonsofskadi.net/extended-live-archive/

Recorded by: CaptSolo - 03-May-2008

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