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WordPress SIOC Import Plugin

This plugin enables you to create blog posts in Wordpress by taking SIOC data from other weblogs (but also other sources like mailing lists, CMS, etc. are possible). It demonstrates that you don't have to be a developer to benefit from the web of RDF data - any blog user can have use for it.


  1. Download, place it into the WordPress plugins directory: WORDPRESS_ROOT/wp-content/plugins/
  2. Unzip the archive - a new directory 'sioc_php_import' should appear in the plugins directory
  3. Choose "Plugins" tab in the WordPress admin interface, find a plugin called "SIOC Import Plugin" and hit "Activate" to enable it.

This is a simple beta application (use at your own risk).

How does it work?

SIOC import plugin for WordPress takes a URL with some SIOC RDF data and imports its content (sioc:Post(s) in this case) into a WordPress weblog.


On the administrator's panel go to Options - SIOC Import. Enter the URL of the SIOC data of an individual blog post and press "Process URL". The plugin will parse data and create posts. It will display some RDF/XML followed by "Post created. <Edit link>" if a post was successfully created. New posts will be published on the blog with the current date/time. If there are comments to this post they will be imported, too.

Where to get SIOC data?

Example data to test the importer

Copy these URLs to import data into your Wordpress blog:

  • Example blog post with comments from (RDF/XML created by Wordpress SIOC Exporter)
  • A post in RDFa from and another one with an image (from Textpattern blog engine).

Exporting your own data as SIOC

SIOC data can be generated from a number of different blog and social media sites (e.g., from your weblog) using SIOC plugins:

Anyone can generate SIOC data which act as a "computer-readable" mirror of your blog and CMS posts.

Also look at the existing SIOC-enabled sites. If you install a SIOC plugin feel free to add your site to the list.

Compatibility and Related Software

Developed on WordPress 1.5. Please report how it works with WordPress 2.0+.

Tools this software uses:

Feedback: captsolo at gmail

Advanced Applications

You have seen that other community sites (e.g., a weblog) can reuse SIOC data. Based on this knowledge advanced uses and applications can be created and interesting questions can be explored:

  • generic way to migrate b/w blogging platforms
  • transfer a mailing list to a weblog
  • keep different blogs in synch (or perhaps a blog and a wiki?)
  • try to match categories b/w the source blog and the blog where data are being imported
  • ... add more ideas here ...

SVN access

The experimental, more advanced version 0.2 using RAP:

svn co

The previous version 0.1 using ARC:

svn co


  • import categories


  • an imported post could be somehow marked as a sioc:sibling of the original post
  • probably we shouldn't import trackbacks to old posts that are listed as comment for a imported post
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