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This web page collects information about the User Interface for SIOC data. For discussions, please use the SIOC-Dev mailing list or RDFWeb list.

Current status: collecting requirements, please feel free to add your ideas/requirements below


What do you want it [the SIOC explorer] to do?

Identify "hotsports" and "supporters"

I would like the SIOC explorer to be able to identify the highest frequent posters in a community and who do answer the most questions. Answering this may involve additional information, maybe about trust and the structur of topics (skos). This would enable us to track down the most interessting blogs/websites/posters and get a quick intro into the community. 20060518/[GNU]

I also see the explorer, more than a browser for on-line SIOC pages, as a 3store that could scrap SIOC data from different blogs / websites ... with an interface and maybe a query system (SPARQL) that could show connection between users, regarding a topic or in general. The interface could be like the one defined here. Other interesting features could be - if there's a lot of SIOC-ed sites - to see "hop topics" of the moment on the blogosphere (ordered by posts/replies ...) - AlexandrePassant

What questions do you want it to answer?

I'd like to know if two persons are in the same community and if they foaf:know each other (may that be concluded?) 20060606/[GNU]

What do you want it to look like?

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