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Exports SIOC and FOAF data from vBulletin discussion forums. Inculdes a plugin that allows users to choose in vBulletin's "user control panel" whether they also want to export the SHA1 of their e-mail address (and other inverse functional properties) or their network of friends.

Download the VBulletin part from our svn repository here (where you also can find the complementary VBFOAF) and the SIOC export API (sioc_inc.php) from here.


  1. drop this sioc.php, foaf.php and sioc_inc.php into the root directory of the vBulletin installation
  2. drop bitfield_siocexporter.xml into includes/xml
  3. install product-siocexporter 1.0.xml from admincp (Plugins / Products - Manage Products - Add Product)


  • access data by calling .../sioc.php?sioc_type=...&sioc_id=...
  • sioc_type = one of ['site', 'forum', 'thread', 'post', 'user']
  • sioc_id = id of the forum, thread, post or user
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